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Pee On Me

Jerri Blank is My Idol

4 May
J'aime des chats. Particulièrement le Baz et le Pipi. J'aime également des singes.

I fucking hate reggae.
80's, accents, adventures, american literature, american spirit lights, anger, anti-oppression, astrology, belle & sebastian, bowie, boy meets world, brit-pop, buying stuff, cackling, camera obscura, canada, caves, cheap drinks, cocktails, cyndi lauper, daniel handler, dark humor, david sedaris, documentaries, drag queens, fiery furnaces, fraggles, franz ferdinand, freaks & geeks, freestyle moustaches, gato negro, gigantic cotton candy, glasgow, goonies, gossip, hair product, hal hartley, happy hour, harry potter, hilarity, i heart huckabees, inside jokes, jeff buckley, karaoke, karen carpenter, kids in the hall, langley school's music project, laughing, laundry sheets, learning french, lemony snicket, lorrie moore, louis garrel, magic punch, magnetic fields, making fun of people, making postcards, mark twain, mitch hedburg, modest mouse, monkeys, moonlight mile, morrissey, movies, nick drake, olympia, oscar wilde, painting, parties, pbr, pop gear, pop rocks, pop smarts, postcards, pretty in pink, pulp, quotes, reading, reno 911, reo speedwagon, road trips, safe men, sam rockwell, scrabble, shoes, short stories, skee-ball, sleeping, spying, stella comedy, strangers with candy, styx, sunny day real estate, taurus, the basic eight, the darkness, the fire theft, the killers, the oc, the pixies, the postal service, the shins, the smiths, the state, the white stripes, thrift store books, totoro, travel, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vonnegut, wet hot american summer, wit, writing